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We have had participants joining us

from Australia, Japan, Israel, New York,

Germany, Holland, Spain, and Brazil.

Here are some of their comments:

"Challenging, powerful, profound, luxurious, hard work, fun."



"It was amazing! I experienced peace, calmness, creativity and an explosion of greens!

I loved the experience of going into the forest – it managed to give me the key to unlocking my paintings during the week.  I’ll never forget it."


"Johanna’s Dive into Life painting retreat was an amazing experience on so many levels. I rediscovered my love of painting after 10 years and also learned a lot about myself during the process. There were challenging times in front of the easel but they undoubtedly enriched my overall experience. I would recommend this retreat to anyone who wants to step outside their comfort zone, to be taught by an exceptional teacher, and to have a life-enhancing experience."



"It was wonderful to be in a focussed space to paint and draw every day. I loved the beautiful environment and painting outside. It was liberating. Not having to worry about the domestic or practical elements of life was real freedom. The mixed levels of previous experience meant that it was inspiring without being competitive."



"The painting retreat was a richly rewarding experience, full of texture, colours, sounds and memories of great food, drink and the company and laughter of fellow minded artistic people.

Loved the location, the beautiful French countryside and the charm of being in a very, very old home with interesting people with a shared appreciation for culture."





Julie & Cally
and this is what happens...
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