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Would you like to be free from self-criticism and stagnation in your painting practice?


Would you like to experience more freedom, to feel like you are getting closer to what you would really like to paint?



Do you sometimes feel creatively isolated and experience 'technique panic' when you stand in front of your canvas?


Would you rather feel connected, in-flow, interested & inspired?


You have come to the right place.


No matter where your creative process is at, you can free it further.

You can come closer to the artist YOU are.

My goal is to help you develop a personal feeling for your painting and creative process in general and a deeper sense of the world around you.


We are all creative beings, and the cultivation of this creativity is a practice.

These courses are not about perfecting your technique.

They are about INSPIRING you, FREEING you and CONNECTING you to your own capacity to know and to EXPERIMENT with CONFIDENCE.

These painting courses are: 

  • Open to everyone with a serious interest in painting including artists and beginners.

  • Abstract or semi-abstract.

  • Not fixed on techniques and at the same time... 

  • full of technical information relevant to YOUR practice, based on your questions, obstacles and achievements during our process together.

They will give you:

  • Ongoing, one-to-one support during lessons AND in-between lessons! Yes, that's right, I'll personally be on the phone with you or via video call to help you with feedback and when you're stuck.

  • After each class, you will also receive the recording of the live session, PLUS a written summary with relevant links and references for you to review at your own pace later.

How do these online courses work?

Each one of these courses is planned as a "module". Taking more than one course will give you a strong base to help you improve your painting work quite significantly. Modules will cover colour, composition, light& dark, nature-based work, narrative, and others.


The online sessions are a gathering point and a focus.


That's where we give feedback, instructions, guidance and sometimes we paint too, although most of the painting happens offline, between sessions so that you have more time.

This is why I offer free ad-hoc support in case you get stuck or have questions.

You can just call me and we have a one to one video call to get you inspired again. This, pretty much whenever you need it... 

Hope you can join me on one of these courses.

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If you are unable to join a course, I also offer online support outside courses, which you can book directly with me here.

One-to-one video sessions are £50/ £35 for a brief check-in, or you can buy 5 one to one check-ins for £150.


You can join any course as a WITNESS. This means you get access to all the video recordings, the email summaries (some of which can be very thorough). You can also be in the lessons and participate in the conversation. The only difference is that your work is not discussed, so you don't get direct feedback.

This is useful for those with limited time, who can make the live sessions, but can't produce work in -between.


Hope to work with you soon!

Johanna Berger: Award-winning international artist, therapeutical arts practitioner and creative consultant in business and education. Founder of BLANK Gallery and Studios. Johanna's work has sold to collectors in many countries. She currently teaches online and when permitted, runs painting retreats abroad, as well as travelling to exhibit her work and conduct creative research.


She is also the mother of a lovely 13-year-old girl, a tabby cat and a puppy all based in a little house with a studio in the back garden, right by the South Downs in the UK.




This course is what we all need right now; to get stuck outside, looking at flowers close up. Can't wait!

You will work from nature observation of colours, which I promise, will fill you with energy and optimism.

The idea is to paint or larger formats (or smaller series), using either oil, acrylics or other painting mediums of your choice.

You will receive guidance and feedback during the live sessions, as well as an opportunity to connect with like-minded people in various parts of the world.

You will all be on this colour adventure together and will have the opportunity to share this and learn from each other.

You will also receive individual feedback, which is included with all my online courses.  These one-to-ones are regular opportunities to connect with me and receive individual instruction when you need it. As many times as you need it.

These courses are suitable for all levels, and classes are usually a mix of very experienced artists and absolute beginners.

If you are a beginner, and we haven't worked together before, we just need a chat before you book.

You will receive a preparation document, including a list of materials with your booking. You are also welcome to book a prep chat with me to make sure you have all you need.

Courses are normally quite free and experimental but we also cover technical aspects and deeper things to do with how we approach the work, obstacles that come up, ways to overcome them. We also look at other artists' work and generally discuss all sorts of interesting art-related stuff.


Starting Session 1, with a short introduction on Thursday, April 15 at 5 pm - (60 min)(UK TIME).


Other Sessions are: (ALL UK TIMES)

Session 2: Saturday, April 17 at 4 PM - (120 min or less if the group is small)

Session 3: Tuesday, April 20 at 5 PM -(60 min).

Session 4: Saturday, April 24 at 4 PM  -(120 min or less if the group is small)

And Final Session 5: Thursday, April 29 at 5 PM -(120 min or less if the group is small)



£185 including access to all live sessions, recordings and email summaries PLUS ALL ONE-TO-ONE FEEDBACK SESSIONS YOU MAY NEED, as and when you need them (normally £35-£50 each).

When taken together with the Painting Design Crash Course (£120) -info below- both courses cost £280 total.

You can also opt to join this course as a Witness, which gives you access to everything except the direct feedback for your work.  This way will suit people who are unable to do the work due to time restrictions but would like to participate in the sessions and do the work later, in their own time.

The cost of witness access to this course is £180.

Once this course fills up, the only way to join is as Witness.

Payment plans are available. We just need a chat about it.



Design Thinking in Painting/

A Crash Course:

This course is a hands-on course (meaning that we will actually do work during all three sessions) intended for people who have not had formal art training OR are ready to revisit these aspects to benefit their work.

This sort of thinking is the reverse of what I normally teach, BUT I realise that have been to a Graphic Design School in an Architecture school and since then done 5 formal art training in art schools in different countries, plus, years of looking at art, as an artist, a teacher, a therapist. I have worked on many different facets of art.


I want to offer you something that will give you this foundation so that I can later ask you to put all these notions out the window and work freely from your feelings.

I believe strongly that we all have an innate inner sense of harmony within us, which can be enhanced with the practice of painting, but a little course like this one will help you enormously to progress further.

Each day we will play with FORM, SHAPES, SPACE, MARK-MAKING and other aspects of design and composition in painting.

This will be the sort of thing they teach in some Art  Foundation Courses if they still do at all.. but not for a foundation level. I have designed the exercises to be useful for any level. It's basically, revisiting form, proportions, selection processes and others AS ALWAYS, BASED ON NATURE OBSERVATION.

Homework will be minimal, so this little course is one that you can do with the minimal time available, although attendance for the 3 days is essential.

This course will be offered afterwards as pre-recorded material, so those joining, please be aware that your process will be shared outside the working group (as zoom recordings) and that this course won't be offered as a live course again after this one.


Session 1: Thursday, April 8 at 4 pm  (90 min or less if the group is small)

Session 2:  Friday, April 9 at 4 pm (90 min or less if the group is small)

Session 3:  Saturday, April 10 at 4 pm (60 min or less if the group is small).

You will need a bit of time for a bit of PREP homework (minimum 15 min, but you can spend as long as you like on your homework) and again between days 1 & 2.

Cost: £120.

If taken together with the BIG SPRING PAINTING COURSE: £280.

Any questions or to BOOK YOUR PLACE, please click HERE.