Would you like to be free from self-criticism and stagnation in your painting practice?


Would you like to experience more freedom, to feel like you are getting closer to what you would really like to paint?



Do you sometimes feel creatively isolated and experience 'technique panic' when you stand in front of your canvas?


Would you rather feel connected, in-flow, interested & inspired?


You have come to the right place.


No matter where your creative process is at, you can free it further.

You can come closer to the artist YOU are.

My goal is to help you develop a personal feeling for your painting and creative process in general and a deeper sense of the world around you.


We are all creative beings, and cultivation of this creativity is a practice.

These courses are not about perfecting your technique.

They are about INSPIRING you, FREEING you and CONNECTING you to your own capacity to know and to EXPERIMENT with CONFIDENCE.

These painting courses are: 

  • Open to everyone with a serious interest in painting including artists and beginners.

  • Abstract or semi-abstract.

  • Not fixed on techniques and at the same time... 

  • full of technical information relevant to YOUR practice, based on your questions, obstacles and achievements during our process together.

They will give you:

  • Ongoing, one-to-one support during lessons AND in-between lessons! Yes, that's right, I'll personally be on the phone with you or via video call to help you with feedback and when you're stuck.

  • After each class, you will also receive the recording of the live session, PLUS a written summary with relevant links and references for you to review at your own pace later.

How do these online courses work?

The online sessions are a gathering point and a focus.


That's where we give feedback, instructions, guidance and sometimes we paint too, although most of the painting happens offline, between sessions so that you have more time.

This is why I offer free ad-hoc support in case you get stuck or have questions.

You can just call me and we have a one to one video call to get you I soured again. This, pretty much whenever you need it... (except in the middle of the night!)

Hope you can join me on one of these courses. Scroll down for information about the next one.

Hope to work with you soon!

Johanna Berger: Award-winning international artist, therapeutical arts practitioner and creative consultant in business and education. Founder of BLANK Gallery and Studios. Johanna's work has sold to collectors in many countries. She currently teaches online and when permitted, runs painting retreats abroad, as well as travelling to exhibit her work and conduct creative research.


She is also the mother of a lovely 13-year-old girl, a tabby cat and a puppy all based in a little house with a studio in the back garden, right by the South Downs in the UK.

Next course:
Painting the Seasons 2: WINTER



(you don’t need to have done the previous one).


Dates: January 8, 9, 15 & 16.

Time: 4-6 PM UK

This is from 11 am to 1 pm in NY.

from 8 am to 10 am in California. 

5 pm to 7 pm in Europe and 1 pm to 3 pm in South America.

Online, via live zoom sessions 

Cost: A single payment of £165 OR £100, which is offered as a discount to those in need upon application (an email explaining your situation).

US: $220/$134

EU: 185 EU/ 112 EU


Looking at LIGHT is one of the most uplifting things to do.


In this short course, I will guide you through a number of observation exercises, which will add new qualities to your painting work.

The main aim of this course is to give you new inspiration.

Suitable for any painting technique and format, including acrylics, oils & watercolour.


This course is online via Zoom and will be guided live.

It will include support between sessions, as and when you need it.

You will also receive an email after each session, including a summary, plus references to other artists or things to look at.


In all these online courses, the groups are a wonderful source of feedback and support.


Usually a mix of people from different locations and at very different points in their practice.


AND its perfectly timed to be your Christmas Present!

Ask to be gifted this course or gift it to yourself.

To find out more information or to BOOK, click here to email me directly.


A note about materials suitable for these courses. You can use any sort of paint you have available and are familiar with, including Acrylics, oils and also watercolours & Gouache.

It's very open. You can work on canvas or paper. Ideally, you will have a range of colours and different size brushes, from thin to big, including house brushes.

I will send out a more detailed list upon booking and follow up with a phone call to review studio/ work set up and materials, for those who need it.